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The vineyard

The most aristrocratic winery in Zakynthos, if not the whole Ionian Sea, the Comoutos Estate is situated within Agria Estate, a property that dates back to 1638, making it the oldest winery in Greece. Currently, the estate has been inhereted by Nikolaos Comoutos.


In our collection we have more than 10.000 bottles of Comoutos wines from different periods (1950-2000) and these bottles still remain guardians of the genre. Cultivation is totally organic ant the winery relies heavily on estate-grown grapes, especially in key varieties like Robola and Avgoustatis. For its Verdea, the Comoutos family uses Goustolidi, Robola, Skiadopoulo, Pavlos and Areti. Verda Grande Reserve is released after five years and is an excellent model of what traditional Verdea can be. Comoutos Rouge, and Grande Reserve Rouge are made mainly with Avgoustiatis and Katsakoulias. The Grande Reserve Rouge is the top of the line label, intense, oxidative, alcoholic, and full of spice.