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Comoutos estate has been regarded as a unique magical place for almost 500 hundred years due to its unique history and geography.

Τhe beginning of the Comoutos family in Zakynthos is lost somewhere in the 15th century during the years of the Byzantine Empire. After the fall of Konstantinople in 1453, the Comoutos family seek refuge in Methoni. East of Peloponesse -South of Greece and then in Zakynthos. Zakynthos -the southernmost of the Ionian islands- has been known by it’s Italian name “Zante”, “II fioro di Levante” or the “Flower of the East” and has been the residential location of choise, especialy for the
Venetian aristocrats.

DimitriosComoutos, the brave and most promising of the family’s descentants, was placed in command of the Zakynthian“galera”, -the island’s contibution to the Christian fleet- and took part in the battle of Nafpactos (Lepante) against the Tourkish, fleet in 1571. Upon his triumphant return he brought the lion’s statuette from the baw of a Turkish flagship.

Antony Count Comoutos (1803-1807) was the governor- “Prince” of the Ionian islands, president of the Parliament, of the first independent Greek nation. During his authority, the Greek language was recognized as the formal language of the Greeks, otherwise the Venetian language would be spoken.

Nikolaos Antony Comoutos (1922-1990) was the epitomy of this great family. He was also the first of the family due to his scientific persistence, to make the excellent traditional wines of Zante, Verdea, Rouge and Rose in our «Agria» estate.

Helen Comoutos (1930-2015) along with a staff of specialized and experienced scientists continued the huge tradition in producing the most excellent and exquisite wines and organic extra virgin olive oil. Recently, she passed on the surname and the estate from the famous family of the counts of Zakynthos to Nikolaos George Comoutos former Zourbanos (2015).